Learning Through My Idol(向偶像学习)

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 题目:Do You Have an Idol?(你有偶像吗?)

Do you have an idol? Everyone has his or her own idols. Maybe they are your parents or yourself or stars. My idol is Nicolas Tse. He is so handsome and he sings very well. He also plays guitar. He acts in many movies. I like him very much.

题目:Learning Through My Idol(向偶像学习)

Everyone has his or her own idol. Some offer negative stand with the latter. My idol is a Hollywood movie star --- Sandra bullock. I've admired her for two and a half years. I think she has an incredible magical power. She's the best actress in my heart. Actually I am deeply influenced by her. About two years ago. I rented a video called “speed,” starring Sandra. At that time, I still didn't know who she was. Because of the leading man (Keanu Reeves). But after seeing that great movie, I was totally starstruck! Her performance and smile really attracted me. At that time, I started collecting everything about Sandra from magazines, TV and newspapers. But unfortunately, I couldn't find much information in Taiwan. That really disappointed me. All I could do was to get on the internet. Luckily, there were many foreign web sites. I was really happy then. But there was a big problem for me: the Web sites were all in English. So, English became an important part in my life. I was determined to learn English well and to be able to read and understand everything. The craziest thing I've ever done was to record all her movies, film previews and interviews. I listened to them over and over every single day. When I heard any vocabulary which I didn't understand, I would look up them in the dictionary. That was a good for me because I could learn them in a very short time. It does work, and I never get tired of doing this. It's been two years since then, and my listening and reading abilities are better than before. I can even chat with my foreign friends on the internet. Now, just wasn't to say, “Thank you so much, Sandra.” Finally, if you guys have an idol like me, I hope you all can get something positive from that person.