My Favorite Book(我最喜爱的书)

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题目:My Favorite Book(我最喜爱的书)

My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. The protagonists of this book are Lizzy Bennet ant and Robinson Darcy. Lizzy always that Robinson is very proud of himself She herself is very prejudiced. Robinson thinks Lizzy is a very special girl , so he likes her very much. They like to wrangle very much.
One day, Robinson asks Lizzy to marry him. Lizzy is very astonished , so she says, “No.” Robinson helps her solve big problems and he treats her very nice. Finally, Lizzy falls in love with him, so they get married. I like this book very much, because it has a happy ending I always like a beautful story .I hope all of you can read this book and enjoy it.