My Hobbies(我的爱好)

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Hobbies are very important to a person. Without having any hobby, life won't be as colorful as it should be. I have a variety of hobbies, such as collecting stamps, playing musical instruments, reading, and doing sport activities. When I am free, I will spend time on my hobbies. When I am in a blue mood, I will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up. Hobbies can help us improve our moods. Many hobbies requires devotion. For example, when you play a musical instrument, you have to practice over and over in order to perform good music. After a period if you still enjoy it, gradually it will become a hobby of yours. But, remember: A hobby is like gold under the ground; no hobby will come to you unless you dig it out yourself. If you can treat study as one of you hobbies, learning will be more enjoyable. I hope all of you can find your own hobbies and also have fun from them.

题目:My Hobbies(我的爱好)

嘉义县同济中学国二甲班,黄姿颖 Do you have any hobbies? If not, what do you do in your free time? Let me share mine with you. I have many hobbies. Sometimes when I finish my homework, I am tired after studying so many textbooks. Then I like to read some leisure books. When I am not happy about something, I usually draw some pictures to make myself feel good. My chief hobby is going shopping with my best friend. After I chat with her, I will feel happy. Hobbies can make one happy. You can do them when you are sad. So what are yours?

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