A Fascinating Scenery

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     I have never seen such a beautiful street, a track to be exact. Nobody will forget it once he rests his eyes on the absorbing scenery.  The track is long and straight.  A great many trees stand in line on either side of the track. They are so high, big and exuberant that the track is almost separated from the outside. Hence, when walking along it, you will feel as if you were in a corridor which is formed by trees. No one can understand the great nature until he is intoxicated by the perfect landscape especially in autumn and winter.
     At sunset in autumn, the track has become a golden world.Leaves are fluttering in the air with the wind just like the danclng butterflies. More have covered the ground, giving the track a thick yellow blanket. The trees have turned brown. They look so impressive, because here brown is the only color besides golden. So golden leaves, a golden track and golden sunshine dress up the world in a splendid gown.
     At dawn in winter, however, a silver world appears before us. Now everything is white. Instead of the flying leaves, the white snow ornaments the world with its wonderful perform antes and the ground has changed its coat.  And even the sunshine turns silver. Without leaves, the trees make friends with snow and prepare themselves for the Christmas. Silver snow, a silver track, silver trees and silver sunshine, the silver world also has its charm.
     After reading my introduction, maybe you have a desire to enjoy it. Then don't hesitate. Let's go to seek it.

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    文中,作者运用了各种修辞手法,有拟人,如the trees make friends with snow;有比喻,如Plenty Of leaves?Just like the dancing butterflies.More have covered the ground,glvmg the tracka thick yellow blanket等,给文章增色不少。