A Letter of Application

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Zhou Jun
Boston Consulting Group Inc.
Shanghai, PRC
      Dear Mr. Johnson,
      Your company's reputation and prestige led me to write this letter. Your advertisement in the November 15th issue of Wall Street Journal is of great interest to me.  I feel that I have the qualification necessary to effectively handle the responsibilities of a Business Consultant.
     It is said that consulting firms are panacea for enterprise predicaments. The reputation owes thanks to the diligent and intelligent consultants, who contribute their share of wisdom and ardor through their efforts, the king sized database and net work. The decision that I tend to make from the above reasons is that I am to join the elite, with my characteristic youngster's energy and courage.
     I will graduate from Fudan University in July 2004. After more than 3 year's study in university, I, with confidence and motivation, determine that it is the consulting industry that I am eagerly for. Then, why am I fit for a Business Consultant position? First, my broad exposure to business management can bring more in-depth understanding of business operation and business process to organization and process design that your company involves. Secondly, my solid academic background and business training experience certainly nurture in me the capability of analysis and problem solving. Thirdly, my excellent communication and influencing skills enable me to better network and cooperate with the customers.
      The enclosed resume describes my qualifications for the position advertised.  I look forward to personally discussing my qualifications with you at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.
     Sincerely yours,
     Zhou Jun

简  评
    其次,作者的行文如行云流水,从容自如,显示了其相当不错的英文功底以及对写作文体的认识。全文四个自然段中,第一和第四自然段一般都是套话,很难写出特色,因此作者将充分利用第二和第三自然段将自己的才华和优势进行了充分的展示。作者很善于使用一些名词化结构,在第三段尤其如此,使得文章显得庄重典雅。表述自己的观点时,作者也使用了不少大词如predicament,elite,nurture等,无不显得自然贴切。当前很多大学生的词汇量并不少,但能够驾驭好庞大的词汇量,是相当不容易的。从business process,process design,network等词汇来看,作者的确对咨询业有一定的了解,良好的英文功底和对专业知识的充分了解,是求职者成功的秘密所在,也是本文成功之处。

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