Princess Diana

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Princess Diana
A tender rose of England
Is it still blooming in your memory?
     Gentle sunshine penetrating through the window, I slothfully got up, turning on the radio as usual for the latest news.  All at once, the breathtaking report shocked me. Hardly could I believe that just over one night, Princess Diana left us  the charming England's rose faded.
      Born in an average family, little Diana, enjoyed a quite smooth and pleasant childhood. With her pure heart, she naively learnt to perceive the world as a vivid watercolor of broad golden fields, various lively creatures and vigorous attractive nature.Her fetching eyes, the window of her soul, were an uncontaminated farm. They always were. Hence, sophisticated as the society was, she never lost her enthusiasm for life. Despite the ups and downs in later life, she remained passionate towards all.
     God seems to like playing jokes on her.  Diana's life was almost a drama play. She attended a university in London,where she met her future husband, Prince Charles. A common place girl from the countryside and the Prince of Great Britain were not seen as a perfect match. So the Royal family did not give their approval of the marriage at first.  However, as a result of their persistent efforts,  the Royalty finally compromised.Their  wedding  ceremony  was  live  broadcast  on  television throughout the world. In a gorgeous wedding dress, Diana held a bunch of white roses, wearing a graceful and fascinating smile.Her distinguished appearance,  associated with the blooming roses, conquered everyone.
     But it was pretty hard to evaluate whether it was lucky or not for Diana to win the Royalty's approval of her marriage, for it at last ended up in divorce.  The widening gap between the Princess and an ordinary girl caused increasing conflicts.  Once living in poverty, Diana was full of sympathy for those who suffered starvation and diseases.  Despite the strong opposition of the Royalty, she insisted on touring to Africa and other under privileged areas with her sincere love and concern. Furthermore,Diana almost gave all of her fortune to set up plenty of funds to aid the suffering. When kissing the skinny little black African boy, Diana once again impressed us by her childlike and a little bit stunning smile. Her blonde hair was hopping on her effeminate shoulders; her bluish green eyes were outpouring compassion. Diana won the name of England's Rose by her noble personality more than her graceful appearance. She surely was!
     As the Princess or as an ordinary citizen, Diana felt it her responsibility to help those who needed her support.  After terminating her unsuccessful marriage, she continued her career of beneficence. Not only did she leave her footprints all over the world,  but  she  rooted  the  name  of  England's  rose  into everyone's heart as well. Her genuine smile in the barren desert gave rose a new meaning. Where there was love, there was true beauty.
     Even after divorce, Diana was still the focus of the mass media. Journalists traced her by all means, trying to get every detail of her private life.  Diana paid no attention to them but maintained her own way of living. But the reporters followed her closer and closer, which eventually caused the terrible crash and the sudden death of our respectable Diana. Princess Diana, the rose of England, left us at the age of only 36.
     Diana's good friend, eminent singer, Alton John wrote a song The Candle in the Wind in her memory. The song makes many people shed tears. Death is not the end of her life. The funds Diana set up are still in operation.  Her permanent smile will never be gone. The beautiful England's Rose will always be blooming in our hearts as time goes by.

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    文章的语言较为流畅,思路清晰。但有些地方值得商榷,如Her fetching eyes,the window Of her soul,were an uncontamlnated farm.把眼睛比做一片未受污染的农田,这一比喻显然是不恰当的,只能从中文的意境去理解。可改为The world was like an uncontaminated farm ln her eyes。

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