我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment

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我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment  英语作文比赛获奖作品


我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment(第一名)
As far back as the 16th century, a hearty band of Portugese sailors drifted on the Pacific Ocean. Off the shore of southern China, they Cheerfully found an island, the subduing Charm of which made all them cast their eyes on it. Awe-struck on seeing this delicate masterpiece God had created they could not help crying out, “Ilha Formosa”, meaning “beautiful island.” That was what Taiwan was first named. Now, four hundred years later, just let’s see what has become of our beautiful island. Population as by far increased, our country is marked by the surpassing growth of economy; living standards are high up. Everything is good, but the environment leaves much to be desired. The air we breathe is polluted by the rubbish fume; our drinking water is contaminated by the garbage water from factories; the agreeable beauty of Nature is ruined by sightseers. The once drinkable water become even too dirty to swim in. Oh, haw miserable it is to live in such an environment! Who is to blame for the “murder”, nobody can answer. Everybody should be responsible. For this is the very of ours. We must try our utmost to improve our surroundings. And this must be achieved by the government and the public as well. To make the air clear. We give thought to the automobiles and factories. The government should, in on time, enact strict laws to punish the vehicles producing harmful rubbish fume. This will also enhance with the factories. Moreover, factories here are too agglomerated; the government should try to, as it seems possible, disperse them properly. By so doing we can reduce the air pollution to the minimum. Secondly, we must prevent garbage from being thrown away into rivers, ponds, and lakes. With the water pollution going on someday we shall die with no water to drink at all. Finally there are scenery spots waiting to be re-beautified. Strange in that far too many tourists left rubbish, but few picked up, when they visited the sceneries. What is our Environment bureau for? They must exercise their authority over the tourists to punish them sternly when they are found defiling Nature. Only in these may can we cure the problems drastically, and regain perfect environment to live in. We are often told that prevention is better than cure. Indeed it is. But now that there are the problems, we can only check the potential tendency and try our best. We do so not only for ourselves, but also for our posterity. Four years ago, a girl singer cried, “don’t kill the world, don’t let her die. Do not destroy basic ground .Don’t kill the world, she’s all we have. Lend your to Nature’s cry.” Yes, we have only one earth . On this land we live; in this land we shall die. We can make our environment better and better if we persevere. And we shall persevere. From now on, let no efforts be spared in improving our very own environment. The supreme obligation falls upon none but you and I, to whom our land belongs.

我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment(第二名)之一
    As modern science and technology make increasingly faster and broader strides, man has also made an enormous stride toward modern civilization. However on the other hand, our environment has been contaminated by all kinds of pollution, especially industrial pollution. Man’s greed to lead a comfortable life without knowing the consequences has resulted in endless environmental disasters. First of all the air we breathe is always thick with fumes and smog. We feel we are almost smothering sometimes. If a person has long lived near factories that produce air pollution, he is very likely to contract lung cancer. Then comes water pollution. May people do not have good sanitary habits and they throw garbage at random. Hence we can see rubbish floating on the sea and rivers. Many people are deprived of the pleasure of fishing and swimming. There is a problem of rubbish, too. Some kinds of rubbish cannot be disposed of and they are piled up little by little, and our space of living is being taken up. The fourth kind of pollution right beside us” something we may encounter every day. It is the cigarette. With the development of our economy, many people can afford this bad habit of smoking. And they become dangers to not only smokers themselves but the people around them. Pollution has been in existence for a long time, yet only of late have voices been raised against it, because the problem is growing more and more serious. Therefore, man has come to realize that those who produce pollution are, in fact, the victims of it and that it is time we took concrete steps to protect ourselves. Otherwise, we may end up with no pure water to drink, no clean air to breathe, and no safe place to live in. An erroneous but popular concept is that economic prosperity can be only achieved at the expense of a clean environment and public health. It is true that what is done cannot be undone. But we can still try our utmost to minimize the damage already done and meanwhile eliminate the causes of pollution. Both the former and the latter tasks rely on government action and every resident’s cooperation. We should emphasize the importance of prevention in particular. Repairing the damage already done only is like treating the symptoms but ignoring the sickness. In short, it is everyone’s right to live in a clean environment and it is everyone’s responsibility to leave a clean world for the generations to come. Only when everyone is aware of his right and faces his responsibility can we live in a clean environment.

我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment(第二名)之二
   Our country’s achievements in all fields of endeavors during the past seventy-five years are truly phenomenal if not legendary. And this achievement has brought about affluence never before enjoyed by the Chinese. In this connection, it is appropriate and constructive to ask what about our environment after we have become the foremost economic and financial power in the world? There is no doubt that all men wish to live in a clean environment, but most of them are dull at perceiving what it is that makes our environment clean. And so far is it from being easy to have a clean environment that the more eagerly we try to reach it, the further we depart from it, if we take the wrong road! And sad to say, we have taken the wrong road! During the past few years, quick results have all along been the primary concern of the policy makers” they have ignored the long-term developments, and unfortunately, environment protection is one of them. Recently, bits of garbage were seen floating on the Tamsui river for a distance of several miles, shocking those who live along the banks of the Tamsui river. This offensive sight should stimulate the authorities into action to salvage the river. Recent reports also indicate that the use of pesticide in the Taiwan area per unit of farmland surpassed all that in the rest of the world. The excess use of pesticide is posing a menace to our environment, and vigorous efforts must be made to rectify it. The government and the public to think of progress in terms of the short term, tangible benefits to be reached. They should direct their attention to the environment protection which is truly beneficial to the people. Since our environment is seriously polluted, this is a matter which requires much thought and discussion, and the environment protection admits of no delay. As to the garbage problem, I suggest that we should have a sound system of disposing garbage. Very often, when I return home late at night, there are always garbage of all sorts piled up high in the corner of the street, from leftover food, dirty cans to old tissues and shoes, there is sure to have anything you can imagine! And what’s the worse, several cats may prow around the plastic bag and tear the garbage into pieces, and the unpleasant smell adds to the disgust of the sight. The government should pay more attention to the disposal of garbage and give the residents a clean environment. As to the polluted-river problem, there has been an advice the more funds should be allotted to the task of river protection. Since the Jenai River, which is also known as Lover River, is refreshed and purified, there’s no reason why that the Tamsui River cannot be refurbished. And this should also be the hope of those who care about the need of a clean environment. The republic of China has reached to a critical stage in national affairs. In economy, politics, science and technology, our country is now undergoing major and decisive changes, and the catalyst for a brand new era lies in the consciousness and awareness of the environment protection. By carrying out this plan, it is not only good for ourselves but also will be of great help for the coming generations, and by doing this, we have every reason of a rosy future in the years to come!

我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment(第二名)之三
 Health is the most precious thing of everybody. To keep us healthy. there is one thing we can not neglect environment. Many years ago. We might permit the existence of pollutions we were pursuing the industrial progress. But  now everybody knows that only possessing a clean environment is the real wealth. Therefore, We need to live in a clean environment. Today. In many modern cities, people suffer from air pollution and water pollution. If we can not solve these problems as soon as possible, the conditions may become more and more serious serious and even beyond remedy. In my opinion, government and citizens should take the responsibility of making our environment clean To begin with.  We must wake up people's conscience, so to speak, public-mindedness. Lacking public-mindedness is the chief reason why the environment become so dirty. Thus, only when everybody has a sense of public-mindedness can our society be tidy. Second, the government ought to make strict laws to make strict laws to prevent vehicles and factories from polluting., Many rivers and streams in Taiwan have become yellow and black. How can you believe that the water you drink everyday is originally so dirty? Besides, vehicles, especially buses, emit  fumes which can dim the sun for a while. The smoke from their Exhaust pipes makes people hard to breathe. So, making strict laws is also an urgent step to keep our environment clean. As a matter of fact, I really want to put those who keep on polluting to death. They are the most horrible murderer in the world, for they kill and make people poisoned with the pollutants little by little. Can you picture what this world would be like if we didn’t have clean air to breathe and pure water to drink? The sky we see would be black, there would be “garbage mountains” everywhere. Nobody can live in such a chaotic environment. So let us struggle together for a clean environment. Not only for ourselves, but also for our descendants. In so doing. We can be really proud of being a modern citizen. We Need to Live in a Clean Environment The years ago, while I was an elementary school pupils there was a stream near my house. My sisters and I always regarded it as our “paradise.” When school was over, we used to catch little fish there, fight a water fight there, hold a “river’s wedding” there by dropping flowers onto the water. By the river bank we liked to fly kites for a race to see whose kite was the highest to reach the sky. Pure stream, Open field, and blue sky filled our childhood. Now, ten years later since then, the pure stream no longer existed. A lot of factories have been built on the field. Green grass vanished; the blue sky disappeared, too. They, have given way to never-ending smoke from -----
我们赖以生存的环境We Need to Live in a Clean Environment(第二名)之四
    During the past thirty years, people in Taiwan have been devoted to economical development. There is denying that we have done a miracle, but the environmental pollution caused by industrial development has seriously endangered our health if we don’t solve this problem as soon as possible we won’t have fresh air to breath, pure water to drink and nutritious food to eat. In other words, our lives must be threatened. It is high time the government and the public did something for improving our quality of life. Nowadays, the pollution problem is more discussed in Taiwan than in any other places. But when you look around, you’ll certainly find that in addition to in addition to industrial pollution, most people are doing something harmful to our environment. For example, some heavy smokes don’t give up smoking. As a result, the air has become fouler than ever. From this point of view, we know that everybody should take the responsibility improving out living environment. Even if one throws garbage at random. The whole environment must be disrupted. In order not to be a black sheep, let’s work together for a clean environment. Without clean water, the fish would die, which is the same with smoke from the factories’ chimneys. Our dreams have been taken away. What are our dreams? Pretty simple. We only desire to live in a clean environment, where we would not need to tightly close our windows all day long to prevent us from the poisonous smoke, where we could take a deep breath every morning as we did before to greet a new day where we could get a view of a green world, the color of life, instead of a black one, which often reminds me of death. In a highly industrialized country, these dreams may be dreams forever. Some say that if we want a modern life with industrial conveniences. We cannot but sacrifice something. That might be right. However, if the so-called “something” has much to do with our lives, shall we pay no attention to it? Achievements in industry are not to be proud of. We should go a step further to improve our quality of life and our surroundings: otherwise, those achievements amount to nothing. More often than not, we are told by the newspaper about the more and more serious problems of pollution. Polluted water makes creatures in the river die, makes crops nearby die. Air pollution in creases the number of lung illnesses. The pollution from garbage is also a problem. One's memory should to new enough to remember the fire on the“garbage hill,” which burned down the confidence we have in our environment. Don’t be ignorant of this again do something to save our environment and save us. We create the world: do not let the world be destroyed by us ourselves. Do not let the “garbage hill” be a common scene on earth in the future. Do not let our children blame us for the damaged environment we leave to them. It’s high time we thought about these. Human beings. If the ecological balance continues to be disrupted, our lives will encounter a great challenge. It is true that raising the standard of living is important, but improving the quality of life cannot be neglected, either. Among Asian countries, Japan is the most progressive and prosperous. But it is strange that they have a clean environment to live in. thus, I’m sure that industry doesn’t necessarily lead to pollution. As long as we take proper measures to prevent it, we can still make our environment the way it is. We may well be confident that since the Japanese can make it , we certainly have the ability to do so. Facing the serious pollution problem, we should solve it not only for ourselves but also for the future generations. To keep our environment clean, I’d like to call everybody's attention to value the importance of our living space-one globe alone. Remember, “only when we live in a clean environment, can we have a better tomorrow.”