On Marriage(论婚姻)

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题目:On Marriage(论婚姻)

Marriage is a gamble. I may have a wife whose personality corresponds to mine but I also may have a wife who only cares about herself and can't tolerate my shortcomings. if my wife is the latter kind, quarrels will become routine. It is not warmth and love that fill the home, but eternal complaints and even hatred divorce will become the only thing that can put an end to our mutual bitterness.
I will do my best to make my marriage a happy one. Although I may feel depressed and discouraged, I will spare no effort maintain a happy marriage. I will choose my wife based not only on appearance but also on character. After we get married, I will tolerate her weaknesses and appreciate her strength. I will show more concern, affection and love for her than she shows for me. Marriage is a gamble, but we still have a chance of winning a big prize.